Beans from Guatemala, Brazil, India

  • Suitability: Espresso, Café Crème or Cappuccino
  • Characteristics: strong body, beautiful crema, constant quality
  • Compatibility: Fully automatic machines and portafilter machines
  • Available size: 1kg gastronomy pack (CHF 24.90 per pack)

Besides Vivi fizzy drinks, coffee has always been our great passion. Without an espresso in the morning, it’s hard to get a bubbling going. Thanks to our sister company ViCAFE, which runs numerous espresso bars in Zurich and Basel, we enjoy freshly roasted in-house coffee daily. We share an office and 7.5m next door (we measured it ourselves) is one of Switzerland’s most modern roasting machines. So we thought: Why don’t we take advantage of this synergy and create our coffee blend with some of the best coffee experts in the country? After numerous rounds of testing later, the result: Vivi Beans – a high-quality gastronomic mix that represents the same values as our Vivi fizzy drinks. And yes: We are pretty proud of it!


Our high-quality coffee combines carefully selected beans from Guatemala, Brazil and India. The coffee has a sweet, chocolatey, nutty flavour reminiscent of caramel and hazelnut. The 100% Arabica beans are roasted fresh daily in the ViCAFE roastery in Zurich.

We source Vivi Beans through our sister company ViCAFE, which maintains direct relationships with its coffee farmers. This way, they guarantee quality, transparency and fair working conditions along the entire value chain.


Fresh coffee beans from around the world arrive at the ViCAFE roastery daily. They are then refined, packaged and shipped locally in Zurich by ViCAFE.

The ViCAFE roastery was launched in 2010 and has grown steadily since then. Today’s roasting machine is an S35 Kestrel (35kg, something like the Tesla among roasting machines). This is remarkably energy-efficient, requiring around 70% less energy than conventional roasting machines.


A coffee bean goes a long way before it provides that morning caffeine kick or daily indulgence. So that this path is transparent is close to our hearts.

ViCAFE regularly visits coffee farmers on so-called sourcing trips. Through these personal visits, we know exactly where our coffee comes from, and the producers, in turn, know where their beans travel. The mutual exchange is, of course, about the shared passion for coffee, the concerns and challenges on the farms, and how development can be supported sustainably.

ViCAFE pays coffee farmers fair prices above average global coffee prices. And especially important: They pay stable fees. This means that producers are much less exposed to volatile price developments. Through the personal relationship, we also know precisely how much money effectively ends up on the farm and flows directly to the producers.

Impressions from our Guatemala Sourcing Trip


We’ll do our best to ensure you get your Vivi Beans as soon as possible. However, sometimes you catch the turbo pigeon. Then it goes fast. If no one gets lost on the way to you and your letterbox is well posted, delivery usually takes 5-7 working days. Please calculate this when ordering.
Orders for Vivi Beans are reserved for gastronomy. If you want the best coffee beans for your home, be sure to check out our sister company ViCAFE: