The Vivi Kola Team

A growing & passionate team that lives and breaths all things Vivi Kola!

Christian Forrer

Founder & CEO

Christian Forrer is the founder and owner of Vivi Kola and its sister company ViCAFE. As he says of himself, the companies are like his children. He built the two companies from scratch with a lot of passion and commitment. As a trained graphic designer, he has an eye for aesthetics and this is reflected in both companies. His heart also beats for adventurous expeditions. Especially the multifaceted Africa fascinates him a lot. On his trips he usually only spends the night in a tent in the wild. He gained the essential knowledge for this through a ranger training in Africa. 

Camilo Antezana

Managing Director
Phone: +41 79 287 58 67

Camilo Antezana is the managing director of Vivi Kola AG. He belongs to the old guard and has experienced the revival firsthand. As a young boy, he had his first experience in his grandfather's wine bottling plant. In his sleep, he would talk aloud about fine grape juices. As if he had already known then that he would build up the Vivi Manufactory at a later date. Rumor has it that he still talks in his sleep today - this time about fine Vivi Kola.

Fabian Guggenbühl

Head of Marketing
Phone: +41 78 721 70 11

Fabian Guggenbühl is Head of Marketing at Vivi Kola AG. As a passionate surfer, he is literally prepared for anything and is always on the hunt for THE perfect wave. He not only lives the casual "hang loose" vibe during his surf trips, but also brings this looseness to the team. When he's not planning his next destination, he grabs his surfboard and paddles across Lake Lucerne.

Pascal Rast

Head of Sales
Phone: +41 76 512 80 17

Pascal Rast is Head of Sales at Vivi Kola. During his career in the beverage industry, he was able to gain a lot of valuable experience, which he can now incorporate into his work. As a "strategic brain", he always has the next goal in mind, which he wants to achieve together with his team.

Kaj Augstburger

Head of Production & Logistics
Phone: +41 78 220 24 88

Kaj Augstburger is production and warehouse manager at Vivi Kola. Since his seven-year employment with Vivi Kola, he has been found everywhere, whether in logistics for our sister company ViCAFE, or as a sales representative for Vivi Kola. There is probably no area that Kaj does not know. Besides work, he can be found on the soccer field. As a referee, he has been sprinting across the field for almost 15 years. A special talent are his backflips. At every Christmas party these are a highlight and almost a tradition.

Melanie Oberhofer

Sales Support
Telefon: +41 76 472 50 81

Melanie Oberhofer actively supports the sales team as sales support. At the same time, she is completing her vocational baccalaureate. She has a soft spot for art and in her free time you can usually find her with a paintbrush. During the winter season she becomes a passionate field hockey fan and cheers on her team.

Marcus Berger

Design lead

Born in Namibia, raised in Cape Town, landed in Zurich as a graphic designer at Vivi Kola. No wonder Marcus switches from German to English and back three times per sentence. He likes Japanese whisky, good design and sports with a high adrenaline level. As a surfer, he is "a pretty chilled guy," he says. Marcus likes good food and culinary experiments, but he doesn't like to be talked into his beloved "braai" aka BBQ.

Aaron Fee

Photography & Video Production

The roots of our photographer and videomaker Aaron Fee are anchored in the pulsating metropolis of San Francisco. The idyllic city of Lucerne, where he now lives, is almost like a small village. When he's not snapping new photos, he likes to spend his free time in nature. With his height of over two meters, he towers over all of us and always has the best shot in sight.

Luisa Ricci

Intern Marketing

After adventurous travels as a flight attendant and her studies in communication science, Luisa Ricci is a new crew member at Vivi Kola. With her open, organized manner and her flair for aesthetics, she supports the marketing team. When she's not strolling through flea markets on the weekend, she's probably visiting the latest exhibition at the Kunsthaus and afterwards enjoying her favorite cappuccino with friends by the lake.

Nicola Augstburger

Sales area Bern
Phone: +41 78 237 97 31

Nicola Augstburger is a sales representative in the Bern area. Originally a trained chef, Nicola already has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, which he gained during a journey of several months on a diving ship in Indonesia, among other things. In addition to his new job as a sales representative at Vivi Kola, he can usually be found on his beloved Harley in his free time. Nicola's favourite quote is: " A man is not properly dressed without a beard.

Marc Baltensperger

Sales area Ticino
Phone: +41 76 508 29 15

After his studies at the HSG, Marc is now ambitiously working at Vivi Kola to spread Vivi drinks in the sunny region of Switzerland. He hopes to soon be able to enjoy a Vivi Kola on Lake Maggiore. Marc's credo is "All you've got is now" that originates from a song he wrote himself. Marc is a passionate drummer and writes his own songs.

Edon Alidemaj

Growing up in France, Edon trained as a chauffeur for all possible vehicle categories. His great love has brought him to Switzerland and now he maneuvers the huge Vivi Kola truck through the narrowest alleys. His flair for vehicles of all sizes is immediately noticeable. You could almost say - gasoline flows through his veins.

David Egger

Sales area Zurich Oberland, Schaffhausen, Eastern Switzerland
Phone: +41 78 978 43 30

David Egger is on the road as a sales representative in German-speaking Switzerland. Besides his job at Vivi Kola, he is starting out with his band Jester - and with success. His biggest dream is to perform with his band in filled halls and to inspire the audience with his music. The first works are already published on Spotify.

Andy Conzett

Sales area Basel, Grisons, Liechtenstein
Phone: +41 76 509 94 72

Andy Conzett is always "on the road". When he's not driving around Switzerland in the field for Vivi Kola, he's looking for suitable gorges for his great passion - canyoning. The adventure and the thrill are guaranteed with these daring jumps!

Santiago Aguilar

Intern Growth Management

Santiago originally grew up in Barcelona and has spent the last three years studying in Lausanne. Far away adventures have always been a great passion of his. During his last big trip, he travelled solo through South America for five months. Including almost two months in Mexico. On his journey he met his great love: Fish Tacos (No Joke). As we all know, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Victor de la Baume

Sales Western Switzerland
Phone: +41 78 730 48 54

Victor de la Baume is responsible for sales and marketing in Western Switzerland. He completed his studies at EHL and can now put the knowledge he has acquired into practice. As a passionate alpinist, he climbs new mountains in his free time as a summit climber. His dream is to climb all Swiss mountains that are over 4000 meters high. As a fitting counterpart, Victor has worked for two seasons as a diving instructor.

Marco Keller

Sales area Zurich, Central Switzerland, Aargau
Phone: +41 79 719 70 69

Marco Keller works in the Vivi Kola sales force and is also training to become a sales specialist. With his charming but direct manner, he can move easily on any stage. His favorite quote is: "Even the most obsessed vegetarians don't like to bite the dust. (By the way, he speaks sarcasm fluently).

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