Mixed, stirred and tinkered:
Our Vivi Lab has brewed something new.
Here are Vivi Bio Mate and Vivi Bio Tea!

Our new Vivi Manufacture in Eglisau has really cranked up our brain cells. We internalized our vision, put on our white coats and spent days and nights mixing, stirring and tinkering. Our trained Vivi testers have subjected the new creations to their scrutinizing gaze and finest taste tests and nodded with satisfaction. Now a distinctive mate and a 100% Swiss organic tea in best premium quality are running through our bottling line!

Our Bio Mate & Bio Tea line

Vivi Tea

Organic certified

33cl reusable glass
50cl PET

Vivi Mate

Organic certified

33cl reusable glass
33 cl can

Vivi Mate Zero

33cl can


Tea Organic

100% Swiss organic tea

In search of the perfect flavor for our organic tea, we were on the road in the Bernese Oberland. Between high mountains and cool lakes, we found lush alpine herbs and combined them with nettle. For the tea production we use the whole plants, so that an intense flavor unfolds and we produce less waste – win win!

Vivi Bio Tea in an industrial environment
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Mate Organic

With the finest organic mate leaves

We create our premium mate with organic Brazilian mate leaves. Add some Cascara – the pulp of the coffee cherry – from a small family business in Peru, and a unique taste is created. With this combination, we have developed a drink that appeals both daydreamers and night owls.