CO2 neutral

Vivi Kola has been climate-neutral since May 2019

Vivi Kola has been offsetting CO2 emissions from the Solafrica organisation since May 2019. We generate a total of 109 grams of CO2 for a bottle of Vivi Kola. Due to the compensation, our production and distribution up to the beverage retailer’s is climate-neutral. With our support from Solafrica, we are financing the investment in solar energy and ensuring better living conditions in Cameroon.

Health centers, schools and residential buildings will be equipped with solar systems and residents will be trained in all aspects of solar technology. With the help of solar energy, for example, vaccines and other heat-sensitive drugs are cooled in refrigerators. This allows diesel generators to be replaced.

Camilo visited the Solafrica institution in April 2019 to get to know the people responsible and to make sure that the money was put to good use.


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